Trump doing business with Muslims


Donald Trump recently opened up a real estate development worth $6 billion in Dubai. The real estate development has one hundred villas that overlook a large golf course. The development is being publicized as one of the most elite locations in Dubai. Many in the Muslim community think that Donald Trump doesn’t care who he makes money from, even if it is the same Muslims that he allegedly think should stay in their country and not come to the United States.

Other Real Estate Development

It is said that Mr. Trump is looking keenly to do business in other regions like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two Muslim countries. Trump wants to open additional large resorts in those countries as well. When it comes to making a profit, Donald Trump, it seems has no reservations about the people that he will use to make money. His only focus seems to be MONEY and not necessarily the people behind it.

Democrats and Republicans

Both Democrats and Republicans are disappointed in the move made by Donald Trump and have made a public condemnation, in light of his anti-Muslim discriminatory comments. Trump, possibly in his delusion thinks that the real estate business will bring people together in the effort against ISIS and not Islam.

The Hypocrisy

Many think it is hypocritical because recently, Donald Trump, the presidential candidate for the Republican Party called for a ban on Muslim travel to the United States. The White House has made a declaration that Trump’s comments are not American. In fact, many of Trump’s GOP fellow candidates, Muslim American leaders and Democrats have criticized Trump’s comments.

Odd Situation

Due to this odd dynamics in the 2015-2016 presidential race and the fact that Donald Trump loves public controversy, the criticism made by various groups may just spark his popularity and strengthen his political campaign. However, the statement made by the billionaire businessman may also result in negativity in other ways. What if the Muslim countries where Trump is doing business decided to counterattack and ban Trump from doing business in their country?

Doing Business with the Saudi

Many people may not know that Donald Trump has been building his empire through his business transactions with the royal family in Saudi Arabia since 1995, which happened six years prior to the September 11 airplane hijacking. Trump had made a business deal to purchase the famous Plaza hotel in New York City with an investment group connected to a Saudi prince. In fact, he had also made a sale transaction for his yacht with the same Saudi prince. The money that Trump made was used to pay down the mortgage on the Plaza hotel that Trump owned as reported by the New York Times.


Even now that Donald Trump has denounced the Muslim population; his foreign business still continues to be successful despite his call for a ban on Muslim immigrants. Trump has a large portfolio in Dubai, which includes multiple golf resorts. Another golf course is going to be constructed and opened by year end in 2017.


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