Top 10 Home Decorating Trends to Watch


It can be quite a challenge to maintain or keep abreast of the home décor trends today. If you are having a hard time catching up, why don’t you decide to select home décor styles that are timeless and still look fabulous all year round? You can freshen up your style once in awhile, but when you choose the ones that are not so much a fad, but a centerpiece of our home, you will be less frustrated with the prospect. Below are 10 home decorating trends that you can watch in the meantime.

1. Simplicity

By making your home decor simple, you can overcome your frustration and challenge. That means you should remove the clutter. Do not crowd your tables or shelves, making it easier to clean. It will also give the home a better layout. Use furniture that balances the space in each room so that it doesn’t have a crowded appearance.

2. The Color Scheme

Each season comes with its own trendy color scheme and you need color in a room to make it pop. However, instead of buying a red sofa or painting your bedroom in aqua blue, why not use accessories such as a nice vase or a bunch of throw pillows? You would be surprised how good it makes the room look.

3. Practical furniture

Of course, you have seen those angular chairs in the magazine and loved the elegance. However, you have to be practical. Choose furniture that accentuates the room and make it functional and useful. For example, if you have children, don’t buy a glass table, knowing it may break.

4. Comfort

Like functionality, you should also go for comfort when purchasing furniture for your home. Comfort should be one of the deciding factors when buying furniture.

5. Choose Quality

Shop sparingly and maintain quality in your home. You don’t have to put something in every inch of your home. On your walls, for example, place art and other accessories sparingly. It is better to have a quality painting on the wall than a wall filled with photos.

6. Natural Light

If you are going to buy window treatments, choose the ones that are thin enough to allow natural light to come in. You could also buy LED lighting to create a natural glow inside.

7. Sturdiness

If you are going to buy something to add to your home décor, it is best to purchase something durable, well made, sturdy and lasting, not something beautiful and has poor quality.

8. Warm Shades

Go for warmer shades such as plum and caramel. These are timeless colors that will add warmth to any space. Paint in warm shades and use accessories that have warmer shades. It will create an elegant, comfy and chic appearance.

9. Gray Shades

On the topic of shades, gray is the ideal shade for a home décor. It is also another timeless hue that will look great in any room and with any accessory. Gray looks great on walls and countertops too.

10. Organize Your Home

Store items wisely. This will keep your home organized and in order. Use bookshelves to store books instead of having them in multiple spaces. It adds aesthetics to any room when you stay organized.


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